Career Center Takes its First Steps 

Rachel Frantz's Office in the Career Center. Photo by Jesse Lee

For many college students, there is no shortage of doubt and uncertainty regarding their major and future career. “Am I picking the right major? Is this really what I want to do? Will I be able to find a decent job after graduation?” Unfortunately, these are all questions that pass through every student’s mind at some point. With all these thoughts plaguing ABAC’s students, one might wonder if the college is doing anything to help. Fortunately, there is one newly formed department that may just be the saving grace that these questioning students are looking for. 

This new department, available now for ABAC students to utilize and expected to expand throughout the 2023-2024 school year and beyond, is the ABAC Career Center. I had a sit-down with Rachel Frantz, who is taking the helm on the Career Center proceedings, and she was more than happy to fill me in on the resources that the Career Center currently has in place for ABAC students. 

One such resource is Handshake, which is the online recruiting platform that ABAC is using to help connect students with career and internship opportunities. Handshake partners directly with employers to help streamline the recruitment process for students and take some of the weight off their shoulders. 

Another resource that the Career Center is bringing to the students is Focus2Career. Focus2Career is a major exploration and career planning software. It offers multiple self-paced assessments that assist students in deciding on their majors and career goals by providing valuable information and self-reflection to help students make informed choices. 

Handshake and Focus2Career both come in addition to the Digital Career Counselor (DCC), which may be familiar to many students given its launch in spring of last year. DCC gives students access to graduate outcomes, career trajectories, salary information, and professional skills needed to succeed in their intended career field.  

Each platform can be accessed under the brand-new Career Center tab in the MyABAC portal, and students are encouraged to log in and explore them as each platform is SSO accessible.  

Students can find the Career Center on the third floor of Carlton just to the left after entering the Academic Support area. 

Ms. Frantz also assured me that the Career Center has more grand plans coming down the pipeline but is not ready to release any further information just yet. Be sure to stay up to date with The Stallion news so you can stay informed on developments in the Career Center as they unfold. 

In the meantime, if students have any questions regarding the new Career Center, they are encouraged to send an email to or have a chat with Ms. Rachel Frantz in her office in room 310 of Carlton. 

Jesse Lee is a freshman Writing & Communications major with an interest in journalism. When not writing for The Stallion or doing homework, he can often be found in his room playing video games or at a nearby archery range perfecting his (currently terrible) shot. He likes a warm cup of coffee in the morning, though he prefers hot chocolate.

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