Hall and Oates Tribute Band makes ABAC debut

Hall and Oates Tribute Band. Photo by Jalen Edmondson.

 Private Eyes performed some of Hall and Oates’ biggest hits at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) campus, engaging the crowd with electrifying performances and solos. 

This upcoming band with players with years of experience started in 2018. Privates Eyes performed some well-known classics such as “Sara Smile,” “Maneater,” and “You Make My Dreams.” This month’s performance marked their first at ABAC. 

ABAC Director of ABAC Arts Connection Wayne Jones and others sought out this opportunity to get Private Eyes to perform here at ABAC. Jones said, “It’s something that we didn’t have in town, and so we moved it to campus to make it available to ABAC students and facility… It’s always much more exciting to see artists live on stage.” 

Many other live performances happened prior to the Tribute Series. The ABAC music faculty performed the first concert series on September 5 in Driggers Hall, showcasing their talents in their own unique way. 

 Jennifer Huang, Head of the Department of Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Piano, said “For our first Tuesday, we keep it for the local regional talents for classical music as well some of the music people like locally.” The November 7 concert will focus on the music educators and giving back to local teachers as they show off their talents. As Huang said, “Without them where would we be?” 

If you are interested in attending future events like this one, you can call the ABAC ticket line at (229) 391-4895 or go to purplepass.com/abac. There will also be tickets sold at the front door for purchase. 

Private Eyes’ next concert will be at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, CA on September 29. ABAC’s concert series, ABAC Presents!, will continue with an upcoming show on September 26, featuring “Broadway’s Next Hit Musical.” The performance will be at Howard Auditorium at 7 p.m. 

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