How to Become a Student Worker


Sometimes, students attending college need a little extra money. Getting an on-campus job through the work-study program can help with this problem.     

Right now, there are about 70 on-campus jobs at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), and the number is constantly changing. We have jobs from RNA, office duties, library, and media workers. But what does it really take to be a student worker?  

Some students are unaware of the student-hiring jobs on campus. The Student Worker Hiring Event that took place on August 17 helped students become aware of the on-campus job opportunities. 

Vickie Bryant, Administrative Assistant of Finance Operations at ABAC, helps students with processing forms and referrals. She also helped with the event. She said, “Our goal is to reach students that do not know that there are student jobs available on campus,” Bryant said. Student workers benefit from working on campus by getting hands-on experience in their field.  

Another aspect of work-study is that the program tends to be more flexible with your schedule, creating more opportunities for study time. Financial Aid Counselor Margo Ransom works with students authorizing the eligibility of work-study.  

“They don’t have to pay the money back. It’s free lending that they can earn in addition to whatever financial aid that they receive,” Ransom said. “One thing I’ve found, too, is it’s a good way for students to network.” Other than looking for eligibility, financial counselors also look for students who are responsible and motivated to work.    

If you are interested in becoming a student worker, you can go to the ABAC website and click on Human Resources, scroll down and you will see student workers. After that three links will appear, and you will see the qualifications.  

The Stallion student newspaper also gets work study. If you are interested contact the chief editor Delaney Garcia.  

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