Opinion: Netflix, is the update worth it?

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When it comes to streaming services, none can top Netflix. It pioneered the concept of the modern streaming service and has been around for over 16 years.  

Now that technology has advanced, Netflix can be viewed on much more than a computer. You can use it on your television, your Xbox, and even your phone. 

On the other hand, Netflix is also a streaming service with some of the most critically acclaimed shows ever created. Titans in the TV industry like AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” and “The Walking Dead” are on Netflix with many viewers every year.  

As for exclusives, Netflix also houses famous series like “Stranger Things,” “Squid Game” and “BoJack Horseman,” which will catch people’s eyes when they try to decide on what streaming service they would like.  

The streaming service has even acquired some TV series in order to continue them, like “Arrested Development” and “Trailer Park Boys,” getting them awards in the process. 

It is no question that Netflix is basically a powerhouse in this industry. However, a recent update might have changed the way some people view the service. 

Netflix announced a new feature back in May that would crack down on password sharing, which previously allowed multiple people to view Netflix when only one of them has an account. 

 To Netflix, this could harm their profits- the unfair distribution of one password granting the gateway to all of the shows they provide. 

Now, the goal of the update is to link the Netflix account via a specific location. Thus, if you are outside of said location with no connection, then you can’t get in. While this does solve the issue, there’s no doubt that the people who weren’t committing password sharing are angry about this.  

For college students, such as ABAC students, there’s a big possibility that they received Netflix access thanks to their parent or guardian’s account.  

If they were not using the cable system, they most likely have been using Netflix for entertainment. With this being said, this leaves a few options: get an account of your own, find a different service, or use a free one.  

One recommendation is that Netflix access could be an included perk with housing in the dorms here at ABAC. While cable television is offered and offers a lot of different choices for some, this is a new era of entertainment.  

Disney, Amazon, and Paramount Pictures are all three big name companies that have effectively created their own streaming services with the same goal in mind as Netflix in order to compete. On its own, it’s a sign that cable TV is a relic of the past, not a necessity of the present, because streaming services are now holding down the throne. 

Netflix might have had good intentions with this update, but now some of the ones undeserving of this issue’s effects have a problem. Sooner or later, other subscription services will follow suit and do the same thing to decimate password-sharing, but for Netflix in particular, it’s up to the consumer to handle this. 

Tai Goodman is a Writing and Communication major at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College from Tifton, Georgia who works as a Staff Writer at The Stallion. Their dream is to become either an author, a screenplay writer, or a film director, and their hobbies are writing books, and playing old video-games. Winner of 2nd place for "Best Entertainment Story" at the Athens GCPA Conference 2023.

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