No more full Fridays at ABAC


This new calendar year calls for new changes to the school year compared to last semester. There has been a new rule set that campus will be closed on Fridays at noon which means half a day for the community.  

This new rule changes many things for students and the staff here. Students who have had 3-day classes in the afternoon will no longer be allowed afternoon classes on Fridays. This change can benefit the student body by providing more of an extended weekend of doing whatever you need to get done.  

Students can use this extra time in their schedule to go back home and have a longer weekend with their families. Students can also use it to an advantage to get all of their work done and study longer.  

While asking a student here at ABAC does this new rule benefit you or not, Leylani Ransefore said, “Yes, this has a benefit on me because it allows me to be able to go home if I wanted to earlier to see my family.”  

While asking another student here at Abac who will be doing their half a day on Fridays, Emily Smith said she will be using this half a day to get her schoolwork done and go home to see her family and her favorite dog, Nala. 

Vice President Deidra Jackson sat down with “The Stallion” to discuss this new policy and the impact it will have on ABAC’s campus.  

While discussing this issue and whose idea this was, Jackson said, “It was feedback from faculty and staff, and we had also looked at other institutions, such as the Bainbridge campus having those hours also. This change was meant to help flexibility and to compete with outside employers.”  

Another topic discussed during the interview was the advantages to the school with this new change she said, “The advantages are saving in utility costs and also for employees to spend time with their families.” 

While this benefits faculty tremendously, the value of this policy is also within its impact on students. 

Jackson stated, “The advantage for students is they will be out earlier on Friday so they 

would be able to do whatever they want to do. The disadvantages would be a decrease in activity events.”  

ABAC considers this a permanent change to its campus. Students can look forward to how the 2023-2024 calendar year operates under this change.  

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