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Even at the very beginning of semester, students are already stressed about the few months ahead of them. Being prepared for the semester is essential for your success as a student and for managing a healthy school/life balance.  

Narrowing down which study methods are effective for you will take time but will help you for the rest of your academic career. Working in a relaxing study environment is also critical for effective studying.  

This fall, the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College library has relocated the stacks to provide an even greater study space for its students. If you need a more secluded area to focus or need to use whiteboards, you can use one of the many study rooms found in the library or tutoring center. 

To check out a study room in the library, you can ask one of the workers at the front desk to check out a room; you only need to know your 918 student ID number. The rooms are first-come first-served and can be checked out for one hour at a time.  

You can renew your room for another hour if there is not a waiting list for the rooms. However, the study rooms in the tutoring center can be used indefinitely. 

ABAC has academic support counselors whose jobs are to help you succeed. Located on the third floor of the Carlton Center, you can meet with a counselor one-on-one to get advice on how to manage your time, create a school-work-life balance, ask questions regarding classes, a major, or ABAC in general.  

You can schedule a meeting with an academic support counselor on the Academic Support page on the ABAC website.  

ABAC also offers accommodation and disability services (ADS) students on campus. You can contact ADS, which is part of Academic Support, to schedule a meeting or ask questions regarding accommodations. ADS is dedicated to giving all students equal opportunities to succeed regardless of disability or medical conditions. 

The ABAC tutoring center, also located on the third floor of the Carlton Center, employs student tutors to help other students succeed. The tutoring center works on an appointment-based system but also accepts walk-in visits.  

To schedule an appointment, you can visit TutorOcean, an application located on the MyABAC portal. To look for help for a certain course, you can type in the course name at the top of the screen, and a list of students tutoring the course will show up.  

You can book sessions solely for studying tips or general advice if you are looking for more help outside of reviewing material for your classes. If you need help with booking an appointment or have general questions, you can visit the tutoring center and be walked through the process. 

As a tutor of almost two years, I know myself and every other tutor has felt lost, overwhelmed, and confused learning how to navigate through college.  

We were all once new to ABAC, and we know working with others to learn a concept or to just discuss the struggles of navigating college is one of the best ways to succeed and have a wonderful time at school. 

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