Checkin’ in on mental health at ABAC

Photo of Campus Activities Board Member Jenna Williams by Delaney Garcia

In college, academics can be stressful for an average student. Thus, it’s important to care for your mental health. Fresh Check Day is an event that takes place on ABAC’s campus in order to boost everybody’s confidence, promote mental health resources such as counseling, and above all else, have some fun.

            Fresh Check Day for the 2023 Spring semester took place in the Meadows on March 8th. Taking place in the form of a block party, attendants began at a tent to receive a ticket before traveling to at least four stations. Upon visiting and participating in the activities, the station supervisor checked off a specific number on the ticket with a dot of paint. Each area was different and provided a fun activity guided by smiling faces, and all booths represented something different for positive influences.

            First was the “In It For Life” booth. Here, students acknowledged something in their life that keeps them going, whether it was a goal, people they love, or  a commitment. With involvement from the Jordan Porco Foundation, a suicide prevention awareness organization, this was done by allowing students to write their aim in life on a wearable button.

            Second was the HPA “Nine Out Of Ten” booth. Based on statistics, one in ten college students ponder suicide. On the other hand, the other nine out of the ten have an opportunity to help them. The booth allowed for attendants to collect free things like stickers and card holders, whilst educating the importance of helping someone in need.

            SGA’s “YOUnique” booth allowed the students to get messy in order to drain out their stress and frustration. In the process, this also allowed for colorful energy to be on full display in positivity. Students involved were allowed to grab any color of paint they wanted and spray down a canvas in any way they pleased.

            Adding to the activities was the “Mood Matters” booth, run by the Campus Activities Board. Insecurity is a negative influence on many people today, as they’re discomforted by a part of themselves. The first activity allowed people to write down an insecurity of theirs and discard it into a trashcan. On the contrary, the second activity involved signing a banner with one of their best qualities- whether it be personality-based, or a defining trait of theirs.

            While those booths dove into positive reinforcement, the Residence Hall Association’s “Know Your Limit” booth reminded everybody to monitor themselves around alcohol. Alcohol can dramatically alter someone and their mental health, which is where the bean bag toss activity came into play. While it seemed simple, the drunk-goggles attendants had to wear distorted their vision, making it difficult to make a successful shot. “It was fun getting to see everyone with the goggles on,” said representative Katelyn Murray. “I enjoyed it and will definitely be volunteering again next year,” she said.

            Focusing on the charitable and cherishing parts of humanity was The Homelessness Project’s “It Takes A Village” stand. Students were given the opportunity to write a wholesome and inspiring card to the homeless in order to brighten their spirit and allow for them to know there’s a bright, shining future ahead.

            After four of these have been visited, students concluded with a brief health survey. This year’s Fresh Check Day was a spectacular event to attend by promoting healthy methods and mental health awareness through exciting activities. With as much attention and success around this year’s event, there’s only hope that next year’s will be even better.


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