Electric Mayhem


It’s 2023, and mankind has come a long way in terms of innovation. We’ve moved away from the mechanical aspect of inventions, thanks to the power of electricity. Even then, we’ve still managed to advance with such a power source, and now, the world is becoming more electronic. 

Computers are becoming more powerful, and are now what businesses, schools, and entertainers are on daily. Phones are no longer stationary, because an overwhelming majority of people have one right in their back pocket- specifically, the touch-screen kind. Even cars are becoming more advanced: better radios, better air-conditioner control. Thanks to manufacturers like Tesla, in some cases, you just need a little spark instead of gasoline. 

What about our appliances? Of course, a lot of people have probably seen refrigerators with a touch-screen that controls things like the built-in water/ice dispensers. For foodies, the air-fryer is a godsend of an invention that is easy to use, doesn’t require hot oil, and is healthier. Some treadmills alleviate the need for you to set up a television in the corner of your home’s gym, because now the TV is on your treadmill! These are all conventional and can be handy. However, there’s some appliances out there that really scream the word “futuristic.”

Have you heard of “Juicero”? You most likely haven’t now that it is discontinued. The “Juicero” received a unique set of responses from critics and customers alike. Simply put, it’s an electronic juicer. This sounds simple on paper, but you should also be aware that the “Juicero” also required a power source, Wifi connection, and an account on the designated mobile application in order to work. Those statements raised a lot of eyebrows during the time of its marketing, but not as much as the fact that it can only squish packets of juice included in the package. No fruit of any kind could be squished with the “Juicero,” as it would prevent the machine from functioning. Compare this to the simplicity of using a regular, plastic juicer that only required you to stick half of a fruit onto a spike, and grind it by hand via rotation.

Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Why not just do it the old way and use the less-complicated, hand-powered version of the product? Nevertheless, these kinds of products add style to the home- a futuristic flourish. It fits the moving time period, and gives your houseguests something they’ve most likely never seen before. They definitely work for people attempting to reflect “Blade Runner” chic.

These kinds of products aren’t commonly marketed in local stores such as Walmart, but you can find them in places like Best Buy, Lowe’s, and more likely on the internet. However, “Juicero” wasn’t the only one aiming to make simple life complex or more robotic.

Enter “Smalt,” an electronic salt shaker. “Smalt” was never sold, but only stayed as a project, as it never received enough funds to officially become successful. Like “Juicero,” “Smalt” had some of the same qualities, but had more uses. Its primary one is obviously dispensing salt. Rather than just simply picking it up and shaking it over your food, you have to either ask it to dispense a certain amount, or use the “Smalt” app. For many, that could be a turn-off, as you would ask yourself things like, “What if my phone dies?” But for those wanting to follow in this sort of flair, “Smalt” also served as an interesting centerpiece. “Smalt” was able to grant mood-lighting, be used as a BlueTooth speaker, and could connect to Alexa. While this isn’t its primary purpose, at least those were some qualities that could have attracted customers.

Then, you have the more questionable yet beneficial items. The “Digitsole Smartshoe” is a prime example. Yes, this is a shoe that requires power, but more importantly: this is a real product that can be purchased. Now, if the shoe’s power is depleted, this doesn’t mean the shoe is unwearable. However, without power, the benefits that this item can grant will be unavailable. With the app installed, the “Digitsole Smartshoe” does things like count your calories, your steps, the stairs you’ve climbed, and can even monitor the interior temperature of your shoes.

What most customers will ask is: “Is this necessary?” The better question is: “What other shoes can do this?” If these beneficial ideas could be worked out and expanded, something like the “Digitsole Smartshoe” could be a step in the right direction- pun intended.

What do all of these items have in common? They’re glimpses into what mankind can create, but they may also show what the future may hold. The world is becoming more connected due to the internet and the many ways electricity is used. They might not be as advantageous and marvelous as they seem, like the “Juicero,” but maybe they can be as utilitarian as something like “Smalt” or the “Digitsole Smartshoe.” Only time will tell.

More and more electronic devices get invented every day for businesses, homes, offices, because it’s just how life is currently moving. It’s only up to us how creative, useful, and stylistic we can make it.

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