Chris Beckham to Become the New Director of Marketing and Communications


Chris Beckham is leaving Legacy Village and coming to ABAC as the new Director of Marketing.

“I’ve always admired what ABAC has done. I love my job here at Legacy Village, but when the opportunity came up I knew it was a very special position and a very good fit for me. I’m excited to get started and learn more about the culture and ABAC and what I can do to tell that story”.

Though he’s modest when discussing his achievements, he’s an asset to have here at ABAC.

Chris Beckham has a long history of hard work and dedication to Tifton and Tift County. To list some of his previous experience, he’s worked with the Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence for 10 years, he was the board chairmen for the Salvation Army of Tifton for almost 3 years, and worked with Peanut Butter and Jesus, an organization that helps deliver lunches for underprivileged children all over Tift County. He said that working in all these different community programs “allows you to meet people and really see the good these organizations do in the community. It lets you see how great the community really is.”

He has lots of knowledge of Tifton and the people as a whole. “ABAC is a big part of the community, and I want to get the entire community plugged into ABAC. I want to promote ABAC as much as I can.”

Despite his immense amount of experience, he’s not coming in into ABAC with a revolutionary plan, he wants to keep up the good work that is already being done here.

“I think it would be foolish for me to say that I’m going to come in and do this, that, and the other instead of learning the lay of the land first” he stated. “Mike Chason, Lindsey Carney, and the entire staff there have always done a great job at marketing ABAC. I want to continue that

and find new ways we can improve. I want to come in and learn! I want to be a part of that culture.”

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