ABAC Turf Student’s Unique Internship


ABAC students often have internships of all varieties, this Turf grass student is currently in a unique internship in the North-East of the united states. Caleb Mosley is a turf major here at ABAC, he is doing his internship at the Country Club of Darien, in Darien, Connecticut. When asked about how he learned about this internship he said “Turfnet. It is a job site for golf courses and turf industry.” Internships are supposed to help you learn things about your career, thus you should enjoy them. When asked what he enjoyed about it the most he replied, “The staff here is not perfect but there are a few exceptional teachers staffed here who go above and beyond the call of duty to try and prepare me for management in the golf course industry.” Many exciting things can happen in your internships.

“We had an NFL alumni fundraiser where old players showed up and played with members who paid a lot of money to get to be in it. It was an NFL alum and four members in a five-man scramble” Mosley said about his exciting experience. Being in Connecticut it is vastly different than it is here in Georgia, when asked about its Mosley said “The topography, soil type, grass species used, cool season vs warm season, weather regulations and land availability all are completely different. Like its night and day, the difference in Georgia vs Connecticut golf course as far as I can tell. My super intendent was the 2020 US open super intendent, so we run things extremely by the book.” When asked about the effect this would have on his career he said, “My super intendent knows everyone in the industry worth knowing which is great for networking and a resume builder.”

Lastly, Mosley had something to say to others thinking about internships “Think carefully about the region you are going to and the hours and responsibilities, and do not get excited because something sounds cool. Look at each fairly because when you are up here you are not only stuck with your schedule but also the people you work for might not be good teachers so always weigh out your options.”

Photos via Caleb Mosley

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