New Director of Housing


Corey Langston has been chosen to be ABACs new Director of Housing. He may be new to the position but he has some big ideas on how to keep ABAC residents happy.

When asked what something he liked about the job so far? He said that he enjoys “interacting with students” and “helping them have a good experience on campus.”

When asked what new perspective he brings to the job? He talked about his experience in the housing office prior to receiving his current position.

He was previously ABAC’s Assistant Director of Resident Life for seven months. He has experience in the role already and now can take everything he learned and apply to the new position.

When asked what would change in the housing department he said “In the past we struggled with the move-in, move-out process, and basically when we have new students coming on campus and their rooms aren’t as nice as they could be. I want to make sure that all students who come on campus come into a clean room and that the buildings are ready for students.”

When asked what personal goal for him by the end of the semester he said, “To work on student retention, we have a lot of students who come for one semester and then move off-campus, or even transfer to another institution, I want to make sure we are doing the proper programming for these students and make sure the facilities are something they want to come to so they will stay.”

I believe Mr. Langston’s experience and new insight will bring prosperity to ABAC’s Housing Department. His years of experience and connections with students and staff will ensure first-hand experience and relatability within the ABAC housing community.

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