Flag Football Intramural Championship


The Intramural Flag Football championship game was November 10 when teams Whoabackers and Scoop There It Is faced off. Football can get very heate., Going from a friendly game to a rough time where teams end up in fights and the police have to interfere—but no worry the teams made it to the finals.

The game was intense with each team scoring back-to-back. The Whoabacker’s defensive line held their ground causing issues for the opposing offense. At half time it was 19-13 with Whoabackers in the lead. After the half they went on to score again, and defended their lead of 23-13 until the end.

Whoabackers won the final Flag football game of the semester by just ten points. The game was certainly a game to remember and one that both teams with always remember.

Congratulations to Whoabackers players (Harmon Maraman, Jaci Martin, Charlie Miller, Kailee Richardson, Caleb Smith, Mac Turner, Thomas Walker, Timothy Webb, Jonathan Williams, Emma Richwine, Andrew Cheek, Bryce Hancock, Landon Johnson, Maci Joiner, Cason King, and Grayson Lee.) for their championship win.

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