Dr. Chatterjee’s Rural Experiences Class


Dr. Chatterjee is teaching a class this semester about race, class, gender, and sexuality.

Dr. Chatterjee is a Licensed Counselor at ABAC and she also teaches psychology classes in the department of rural studies.

Giving me an understanding of what they have been learning or how the environment is about.

Sarah Michael, a student in the class, answered a few basic questions.

What kind of activities do y’all do in here?

“So usually it’s more like group conversations or small groups sometimes we’ll do like different little crafts like  the chain the chain of, what’s it called, difference between similarities and differences yeah but it’s just different little things to remind us that even though we’re all in class together we’ve already seen the same point points together through different ways.”

What do you think sticks out in this class like what really catches your attention?

“Honestly I’m usually only taking classes were all everyone in my major is here but in this class early where people different majors we have biology majors, business majors — it’s not just rural community development we also have government students, and I think it’s really interesting to have all of these different people together. Because usually logical community development students sort of gets stuck where we all sort of pick the same so having those different perspectives are really interesting.”

Why do you think this class is so important?

“I think it’s easy to forget that we’re all different people and we all come from different experiences, and we have different ideas even if we all think of ourselves as like we’re a good person because we think X or Y it’s hard to like listen to other people and realize oh maybe that’s better way to think about it.”

A guest  lecturer  talked about his experience of going to different churches and the different stories he had. The point was no matter what religion, or who you are you view everything differently which is okay.

“I’m going to talk to you in an extended way about some of the things I’ve seen in church I do not consider myself a churchgoer. I am an ordained minister, but I don’t preach because I teach my point in all these stories is that if you go to different churches you will see people look at religion through different lenses.

Like so many things in their life Catholic Church is going to see things differently from Episcopal church. The Methodist Church you’ll see things differently in the Baptist Church but consider that in each of these cases it is a matter of a group of people that come together collectively trying to get in touch with the divine and also not for nothing they’re all telling you they’re right and everybody else needs to dress for warm weather questions yeah all the time it is not done,” Dr. Galt-Brown said.

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