Cardboard Village in the Works


ABAC student Skyla Turner has a passion to address the homelessness problem in Tifton.

Skyla became more aware of the issue of homelessness last semester in class via literature. Non-traditional homelessness is something she was passionate about.

“It can range from someone sleeping under the bypass to someone couch surfing. Lots of people don’t see different characteristics of homelessness across the spectrum” she said. Once she learned more about the issue, she decided to take action. “I started talking to people about events and drives we can do,” she said. She has a plan for a “Cardboard Village.”

“It will be consistent of having ABAC clubs and organizations, but I would open it up to students in general.”

There would be a check-in process, and we would have people distribute the supplies, cardboard, and tape and then stay in it overnight. The point is to raise awareness of homelessness in the student body.

“Some people don’t realize that we are all a couple of paychecks away from being homeless” this would also be a fundraiser and raise awareness about the local food pantries and clothes closets.“

“It wouldn’t be the exact same as being homeless, but it would definitely be eye-opening to lots of people.”

Skyla Turner is an advocate of change within the community. She is planning an interest meeting for everyone who is interested in volunteering or helping with the event. Be looking for that very soon.

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