Active Minds kicked off the semester with a social event that involved students getting to know the members and eating s’mores.

“I was glad to see the amount of people who came out during the social. It was refreshing seeing students interact with each other and seeing them be stress-free for a moment from classes. Also, they were just having fun that I don’t see often on campus throughout the week,” Sara Spradley, Active Mind’s publicity team member, said. “It made my heart happy to see the students enjoy themselves. Then seeing different majors for an event hosted by Active Minds in that setting was exciting. Since the club is known about more in the Rural Community Development department, it was endearing seeing other majors come around. Throughout the time of the event, it was like seeing the calm before the storm type of vibe. Literally the next day, I saw the stress in students’ eyes once again because of classes, assignments, work, and other commitments they must endure all the time. I hope that in time, we can host more events like that to ease off the stress of being a college student and have a good time throughout the semester.”

President of Active Minds, Ja’Mi Barnes, said, “I was glad to see all the people that came to the social. It was great to see students who were interested to learn more about the organization from club rush and they came to the social afterward. It was amazing to see people keeping their word about wanting to join from signing up to get the email notifications from club rush about upcoming events to coming to the social… I can’t take all the credit as president for the success of this social, and I give it to Sara Spradley. She was consistent about making this event happen from pitching it to making the flyers and getting the social on the road.”

“Seeing students come around and introduce themselves to people they haven’t met before was awesome. I was really pleased to see how successful the event was being our kickoff for the start of the semester. I cannot wait for what we have in store as a club for this semester with doing different things outside of what we have done in the past since I have been involved,” Barnes stated.

Spradley said, “I hope as a club we start doing more for the ABAC community and spread awareness of what we do. Also, we start to do more tabling events outside of our usual ones that we have done in the past to have students excited to learn more about Active Minds. Plus, I want to have some new life with the club with new members join us.”

If you are interested in Active Minds you can email President Ja’Mi Barnes at, officer Sara Spradley at, and advisors Mrs. Suzanne Smith,, and Dr. Jewrell Rivers,

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