As a person who loves to try new things, I was excited to see a new restaurant opening in Tifton. With Asahi changing locations, a new restaurant, Camole Mexican Grill, came to take its previous location.

This restaurant currently has a 4-star review based on its Google reviews. However, I would give it three stars based on my experience at the restaurant. Now, it the experience could vary based on going through the drive-thru or inside the restaurant.

When I visited Camole, it was a cool, stormy day. I had just gotten off work and decided I wanted something new to taste before heading back to campus to avoid the rain. As I pulled up to the drive-thru, there was a kind employee standing there ready to take my order. This reminded me of Chick-fil-A, and I felt bad for him because he did not have much cover. Nevertheless, he still stood there with a good attitude.

Despite his good attitude, the menu somewhat had me floored. There were options, but not as many as I was used to at a restaurant such as Surcheros. Before I placed my order, the employee — whose name I failed to ask — gave me a heads up. The heads up being the fact I could not customize my order.

So, I could only receive the options that were already listed on the menu. For instance, I could get a chicken burrito bowl. However, it would come with the ingredients listed, I could not add or subtract to it. Now, I did not like this, because I love to have my options when it comes appeasing my taste palate. Yet, I went with it because it was soon to rain, and I was pressed for time after getting off work.

From the moment I was told I couldn’t customize my order; I was a little upset. However, I knew queso would make my mood better. Yet again, I was given another helpful tip.

The guy taking my order informed me that I did not want the queso because it “wasn’t good.” He said, “They’re still working on the recipe.” However, he did give a good review of the spicy salsa when I asked about it instead. So, I ordered some salsa as well.

After my order was complete, I had to pull up and wait for a little while, which gave me nostalgia from Asahi. As time went by, my patience started to wear a little thin. Then, after ten minutes, a young lady brought my food.

Upon receiving my food, I was disappointed as I received a chicken burrito instead of a chicken burrito bowl. I notified the young lady but decided to keep the food because I was hungry, and my patience was worn to its last string. The young lady was nice about it, and told me that if I came back tomorrow, “maybe” they would have it right. I was not planning to come back at all.

Seeing as Camole is a new restaurant, I tried to be very gracious with my criticism. However, the chicken burrito and the young man’s amazing attitude were the only things that saved my attitude. The salsa was not spicy or flavorful. The chips were also less than appealing. The burrito was amazing for something I could not customize in the drive-thru. So, I would give them a three out of five stars.

On their website, Camole is advertising a “10% off all items” discount until the 31st of this month. I would highly recommend others to try it so that many more opinions and reviews could be given. Nevertheless, I must say, Camole has a long way to go before they could compete with our beloved campus Surcheros.

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