Student teachers in the 2022 Agricultural Education Cohort are already off to a phenomenal start with their students this spring.

One student teacher, Teresa Lindstrom, is completing her student teaching with Mrs. Addie Tucker at Wilcox County High School. Teresa coached students that recently competed and performed exceptionally well at the Area 5 Livestock Evaluation Competition in Nicholls, Georgia.

The Wilcox Senior Livestock Evaluation team, trained by Teresa, placed 2nd in Area competition. The Wilcox Junior Livestock Evaluation team placed 5th. The Senior Team will be advancing to compete in the State contest in March.

Teresa stated, “Mrs. Addie Tucker and I are very proud of this group of students. They have worked many hours to prepare for this contest and we are excited to see what the state contest in March holds for us.”

Mr. Todd Claxton, the South Region Animal Science Area Teacher and Livestock Specialist, and superintendent of the Area 5 Competition stated, “Over my last three years in this position, ABAC graduates have excelled in coaching their students through the animal science Career Development Events.”

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