International Day at ABAC


April 14, students and faculty alike gathered in ABAC’s dining hall to converse and sample foods from various cultures and countries around the world. Flags from different countries hang from the ceiling, as those in attendance ate, talked, and browsed an impressive display of artifacts and items from a wide array of cultures and countries – many of which were donated by ABAC faculty members. The event was put together through the efforts of MANNRS, Cultura LatinX, HPA, and Active Minds, IMPACT, the Office of Student Affairs, the Diversity Affairs Committee, as well as multiple faculty, dining hall staff, and students.

“It has been an effort for a couple of years. We have fifteen different international students. We have thirty-one international faculty members. Though we are a small school, we are very diverse, and we learn from each other,” said Dr. Chatterjee, one of the main organizers for the event.

Some students who helped organize the event stayed throughout to guide students through the display, pointing out the various items of their home countries, as well as those of others.

“It represents the diverse student body as well as the professors. Personally, it’s interesting to share my culture, I’m from Mexico, as well as being able to learn from other cultures,” said Youry Gonzalez, the president of MANNRS.

Among the foods served at the event were bulgogi from Korea, murgh makhani from India, rau xao from Vietnam, basmati rice from India, sukuma wiki from Kenya, jollof rice from West Africa, elote from Mexico, Nepalese dahl from Nepal, tostones or patacones with mojo verde from Latin America and the Caribbean, currywurst from Germany, fried potatoes with curry ketchup from Belgium, rice noodle salad with peanut sauce from Thailand, donair from Canada, Greece, and Turkey, margherita pizza from Italy, and chocolate eclairs from France.

Javier Duarte, one of the students helping with the event’s display, said, “I feel it’s a good thing as a campus that we’re inclusive.”

Class of 2019 graduate, Nick Rosatti commented, “This experience was a splendid opportunity to see and speak with previous professors and meet new students. The outreach for this event is great because this is one of the very things that ABAC what it is. I will always take the time to come back and visit ABAC and see the great things they are continuing. As a wise man once said, “There are two types of people in the world. Those who went to ABAC and those who wish they did.”

Some of the items on display were a Karawa and Garri from Nepal, Saffron from India, a fan from China, dolls from Thailand, and even a piece of the Berlin Wall.

“The celebration in the dining hall through food is a great way to learn about other countries. Students and faculty have the opportunity to socialize and celebrate through their dining experience,” said Dr. David Bridges, the President of ABAC.

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