Core Curriculum Changes To Take Place at ABAC


ABAC will be changing its core curriculum requirements in accordance with the University System of Georgia’s (USG) “College 2025” initiative. The goal of these changes will be to “redesign general education,” to meet criteria decided on by the design principals committee.

There are six principles the new core should follow; they are: that the new general education standards must produce well-rounded students, the education given to students must serve as a foundation for future learning, the classes must be able to be connected to students’ pre-existing passions and add to a coherent body of knowledge, they must inspire and encourage skills relevant to the 21st century, they must set students up for success in all settings, and they must be clear, flexible for students, and easy to transfer across institutions.

ABAC’s representative on the design committee was Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jerry Baker, and ABAC’s representative on the implementation committee is Nicholas Urquhart.

Dr. Cyndy Hall, teacher and staff member at ABAC, was available to answer a few questions about what changes might be made and how they would affect new and returning ABAC students.

Are there any specific classes that might be cut?

“ABAC’s current Core has many classes listed that do not always get offered, for one reason or another. The committee’s goal is to streamline the core so that it is less unwieldy for students to manage. For instance, courses are being moved around from one area to another and wordage is being matched from area to area.”

How will the changes to the core classes affect students who have already taken their core classes?

“Students who have completed their core classes and those who have already started on their core will not be affected by the changes.”

When will these changes be implemented?    

“The changes to ABAC’s core must be approved by the USG, so the start date for the new core is dependent upon USG guidelines.”

Will changes to core classes affect what classes are necessary to get specific degrees?

“Pre-requisites for degree courses have not been changed. The committee has kept in mind, for instance, that science classes in area D are sequential and those sequences will not be interrupted.”

Are there any core classes that might be added?

“The new core should allow more flexibility in one area where students can use a course to explore degree/career choices.”

There is not yet a date set for when any proposed changes will go into effect.

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