The purpose of a capstone project is to educate the student on the areas of the major they’ve chosen.

This can improve their self-confidence by allowing them to come full circle with themselves as well as their progress.

This can also add pressure to the senior year experience that is sometimes needed to get the student in question across the finish line at graduation.

The capstone also focuses on your skills as you present them to the class and allows you to take pride in your own experiences as an individual.

Finally, this can build your resumé. By putting this effort and content into a project of this size, you can almost guarantee any future employers will be more than impressed with how far you’ve come in your bachelor’s degree.

The Capstone is a staple in most major’s undergraduate experience. During your senior year at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, you will most likely shift your focus to this project.

This project will encompass your entire four years at ABAC. While you do this, you will have classes to guide you in the correct direction for this.

ABAC professor, Joseph Devaney spoke about the importance of this project, “This project should include all the areas of the major.”

The capstone must include all aspects of the bachelor’s you are receiving, meaning it must be highly detailed.

Thankfully for ABAC students, Joseph Devaney, as well as a plethora of other professors, are helping students perfect their capstone to ensure success.

Not only do students get the satisfaction of completing such a demanding task, but ABAC staff enjoy seeing this success as well.

“The faculty are enriched by the experience and enjoy working with the students,” Devaney says.

He also mentions how he finds joy in working one-on-one with the student as well as going over some topics that they may not of went over in classes.

Students who are nervous about their capstones can find solace in conversation with their professors. ABAC employs professionals that care for their students and strive for the best education for them.

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