Professor Promotes Classroom Diversity


ABAC is home to a diverse community of clubs and organizations whose purpose is to enrich the college experience for its students. One professor has set out on educating her students about the uniqueness of these groups.

Dr. Shubha Chatterjee has allowed her students to embrace a project in which her students evaluate a club of their choice and take note of various aspects of the club. Dr. Chatterjee discusses the details of her assignment, “It’s important to learn about the community and see what ABAC’s community looks like, as well as how diverse it is.” She also noted that she enjoys viewing the projects as the students present the findings to the class.

Among the students participating in this assignment is Christina Houston, a political science major, who advocates for not only Tifton but the ABAC community. She participates in various clubs on campus including College Republicans. When asked about her project in The Stallion newspaper Christina said, “I learned a lot about The Stallion and found out ABAC has a work-study program,” as well as “There’s a lot on campus that I and well as others don’t know about, I had a general understanding of what The Stallion was about but there’s a lot more to it that they do, like broadcast.” She revealed she has a different viewpoint of the ABAC club community and hopes others can experience such diverse groups.

ABAC student Lauren Brenneman was also selected to do this project and she chose Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM). Lauren explained that her goal was to get a better understanding of BCM and that ABAC has a ton of clubs to offer students. Laurens’s takeaways were “I ended up learning a lot that I didn’t know about BCM. I did not realize how much the organization impacted the world.” Furthermore, she enjoyed reaching out to people with who she would not normally interact on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Chatterjee’s project established a streamline for growth and development for her students. By allowing them the resources to learn, her students gained an experience that is not typical in an everyday classroom setting.

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