New Broadcasting Studio


As ABAC’s campus goes through many renovations, there is one in particular specifically close to The Stallion’s heart. ABAC’s media specialists wanted to renovate our broadcasting studio to enhance students’ and staffs’ multimedia capabilities. The previous broadcasting studio ABAC had was outdated.

The new studio is equipped with prime, modernized features that will ease our media’s many processes. There are professional broadcast cameras that the previous studio lacked along with modern lighting capabilities. These upgrades will allow for better picture and video quality, no matter the setting. ABAC has also updated the control room, which will give the broadcasting crew better control over their broadcasts. For example, the crew will now be able to broadcast live to the internet at any time, which was difficult in the previous studio.

While this studio is far from being a professional broadcasting studio, Dr. Grant, professor of journalism, broadcasting, and communication, says, “…the new studio changes our way of thinking.” These renovations are eye-opening for our media specialists and broadcasting students.

The key to this studio is keeping an open mind for the future. The renovations given to us now will allow us to create more, and this will only broaden our horizons.

While this new studio has yet to see its first actual Broadcasting class, it has been used for fundraising. For now, the crew is getting a feel for the new materials provided and making use of them where they can. In the fall, however, the studio will see its first class.

An updated broadcasting studio will play a critical role in preparing our upcoming broadcasting and media students for their future careers. ABAC’s day-to-day multimedia operations offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn new skills. This new studio only furthers those possibilities. ABAC’s staff and faculty are excited to see these new experiences flourish, and look forward to the future of this studio.

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