Homecoming 2021: Stallion Staycation!


Though spring break may have been canceled for ABAC students, the school is still finding ways for everyone to have fun. Homecoming occurs every year with a different theme each time.

In the past some of the themes have included “Bring Home the Gold,” “ABAC’s Greatest Show” and “Gee Haw Whoa Back Celebrate ABAC.” However, this year’s theme seems to poke some fun at ABAC’s decision to cancel spring break.

This year’s theme is “Stallion Staycation.”

ABAC celebrates homecoming with a variety of events and activities and will take place April 5–10.

Taking CDC Guidelines into consideration, this year’s events will be somewhat different than what ABAC staff and students may be accustomed to.

Alumni Director Lynda Fisher says, “The festivities will look a little different this year, but the most important thing remains: celebrating our students and alumni and sharing memories of the best Alma Mater there is!”

The ABAC Classes of 1970 and 1971 will celebrate virtually and in person. Their Golden Alumni Induction will be celebrated with an in-person reunion. They will also be putting on a sunset Remembrance Service by the lake to honor those who have been lost.

Some virtual events that students will be able to participate in include Dorm Door Decorating, where students will spend the week decorating their dorm doors to celebrate the Stallion Staycation theme and alumni will vote on the winner.

Alumni Spirit Day where students are able to share photos of themselves on social media wearing ABAC merch, tag @ABACAlumni, and use the hashtag #StallionStaycation. There will also be a virtual campus tour with sneak peeks of new locations as well as special guests.

As always, clubs are also invited to participate in Homecoming with the fight for the Stallion Cup, which will take place April 5–8. Clubs that wish to participate must have at least six people on their team and sign up ahead of time.

The Stallion Cup consists of multiple events. Clubs will receive points for whichever events they win. The club with the most points at the end of the week will win.

These events include the Club Olympics where members of each club compete with other clubs in a series of challenges and obstacle courses, the Bedsheet Design Competition in which each club will decorate a bedsheet to fit the theme of Stallion Staycation, and the Advisor Door Decorating Competition where each club will decorate their advisor’s office door to fit the Stallion Staycation theme as well.

There will also be a Food drive where each club must bring at least five cans to receive points.

The winners will be announced on April 8 at the Fried Chicken Festival.

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