Photo of MANRRS Cornhole Competition. Photo by Anna Grace Dasher.

MANRRS stands for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and other Related Sciences. The club meets every other Tuesday in Lewis Hall 104 at 6 pm and it is a fairly new club to ABAC.

The club President is Youry Gonzalez, who is currently a senior and will be graduating this semester. Mr. Gonzalez explains that, despite the name, anyone can join the club no matter what their major is. The club’s main goal is to promote diversity and inclusion. Academic and professional development is also a very important objective that the club has. As long as members wish to become stronger students, they are more than welcomed to join the club. Mr. Gonzalez also states that the club has allowed him to meet people all across campus and understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation. It has also helped him develop leadership skills.

This year the club is focusing on the importance of professionalism and to emphasize this, they have had a variety of guest speakers throughout the semester. They will be doing things like building and improving resumes, and how to conduct yourself in a business setting. MANNRS also plans to have an International Awareness Day on Wednesday, April 11th.

On February 23, MANNRS had a guest speaker come in and speak to students about the agricultural industry and his line of work. His name is Dr. Robert Kermerait, and he is a professor and extension specialist at UGA. He is a plant pathologist and his job requires him to travel to different farms, as well as countries, to help local farmers determine what’s wrong with the plants and how to treat them. Dr. Kermerait also described the diversity present throughout his workplace to show that no matter your background or race, you can have a strong career in agriculture.

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