Feb. 16  At 20:00 hours, Sgt. Tompkins talked to John Turner. Turner said between 08:00 and 20:00 hours his windshield had been cracked by unknown means.

Feb. 17  At 19:43 hours, Officer White noticed some property sitting outside of Herring Hall.

Feb. 19  At 08:50 hours, Officer White responded to a call from Teddy Spikes about damage done to a bulletin board in Place 100.

Feb. 24  At 00:30 hours, Sgt. Johnson was doing a check on the Stallion parking lot when a student in a pickup flagged him down. He stated that it appeared that someone hit a road sign on Stallion Drive.

Feb. 25  Reporter Gregory Earl Keck from the grounds maintenance crew came into the office. He handed over some money and stated that he found it in the middle of Faculty Drive. A property sheet was filled and the money was turned over to Lt. Pyles.

Feb. 27  At 14:20 hours, Officer Wisenbaker was dispatched to Forest Lakes Golf Course to assist Animal Control.

March 3  At 06:00 hours, Officer Wright was dispatched to the GMA Country Store in reference to an alarm.

March 4  At 21:20 hours, Cpl Weatherford discovered damage to the male toilet facilities at the Red Hill Tennis Center.

March 6  At 20:50 hours, a student was arrested for a traffic violation under the charge of “too fast for conditions.”

March 11  Officer Wisenbaker took a report about a note found in the South Lot.

March 15  Officer Wisenbaker received lost property at ABAC PD.

March 17  At 03:07 hours, Cpl. Patel was dispatched to ABAC Place 100 first floor regarding smoke.

At 22:30 hours Cpl. Joseph Weatherford and Officer Joey Woods were dispatched to an alarm at the Alumni House.

March 19  At 16:00 hours, Officer White responded to a call in reference to the alarm for the bookstore in the Carlton Center.

March 20  At 13:30 hours, Officer White responded to a call in reference to damaged property in the South Parking Lot.

March 21  At 21:00 hours, Cpl. Weatherford received a piece of found property from a professor at the Yow Building.

March 22  Jordan Sommer completed a damage to vehicle report at the UGA Dairy.

March 24  At 12:00 hours, Officer White responded to Lang Farm in reference to some trailers with missing license plates.

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