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Our Counseling and Accommodations services (CAS) here at ABAC want what is best for you. in all areas of your life. Those students that have terrible testing anxiety, going through a breakup, need help managing your stress…. They have your back.

CAS offers professional mental health counseling and provide accommodations for any disabilities a student may be dealing with. Two licensed counselors and a student coordinator are available with prior experience of helping students and meeting there needs. Call 229-391-5135 to connect, with this team.

ABACs CAS center has partnered with the University of Georgia’s Christie Campus health, providing students with 24/7 access to someone that will listen and 365 days of mental health support. These sessions are completely confidential.

If you need to speak with a counselor, you will need to make an appointment. Due to Covid-19, these sessions will be virtual. If having a safe space to speak with a therapist is a concern of yours, you have access to the individual virtual counseling room located in the Carlton Center, suite 314, free of charge and no insurance required. It’s limited to 5 sessions per concern. Sessions are intended on lasting 10-15 minutes. Any topic can be up for discussion.

Students will need to schedule during the following days/times: Monday 3:00-4:00 pm and 5:30-7:00 p.m., Wednesday 3:00-4:00 p.m., and Thursdays 5:30-7:00 p.m.  Although these are limited times, this program does not replace the services already in place for ABAC students.

You can always contact the CAS to find out about services and accommodations right for you. In addition to the Let’s Talk services there is also an online program called iCBT. It is 8 free sessions for behavioral therapy and completely self-guided.

To connect with someone to help navigate you and get you on the right path you can call (866)-639-3938. This number can help with referrals, ollow ups from doctors visits, and other case management services. The program helps with but is not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, eating concerns, identity exploration, life transitions and stress management.

CAS like the students of ABAC to be aware that there is help and nothing wrong with having issues weighing you down. It’s okay to feel alone but you are not. The first step to getting better is accepting that you should not face it alone. Becoming an adult is challenging. School and life together can stress everyone out. You are not alone.

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