Dear Filly: ‘I live in the dorms and…’


Dear Filly,

I live in the dorms and the room above me is constantly being loud regardless of housing talking with them. They stomp around at all hours and some of their “bed rocking” is incredibly loud some nights. What can my room do?


Annoyed Neighbor


Dear Annoyed Neighbor,

Coming from someone who has lived on campus, on the first floor, I understand your frustration. Always keep in mind quiet hours, as during these hours are when your CA on call will be able to do something about your issues. Make sure to save the CA on call number that can be found in the hallways of your residence hall. With this in mind, after 3 calls to your CA about the disruption, you can request to file a formal complaint with housing.

If this is done, I advise that you call your CA at a time where the noise is most abundant because they will want to come into your dorm room to observe what you are hearing. Only they can suggest that you file a formal complaint, so I would advise you to bring it up to them.

Most importantly, keep in mind ABAC’s current housing rules and regulations due to COVID: students in dorms are not to have any visitors in their residential halls and designated rooms. Therefore, if there are obviously multiple genders in one room, this is a violation of ABAC’s policy.

I would also bring this up with your CA at a time that it is obvious for them to hear. If this continues, and you file multiple complaints with housing, the student(s) above you can be removed.

Always be polite and fully explain to your CA why the noise is such an issue for you. Be patient, yet determined. Good luck!


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