Student Reviews: “RedWeb” Podcast


Red Web dives into the Internet’s most intriguing mysteries, conspiracies, and supernatural events. With an appetite for the unknown, Trevor Collins and his co-host Alfredo Diaz analyze various unsolved incidents.

Red Web is product of the Rooster Teeth Production Company. Other popular media from this company includes Achievement Hunter, Red vs Blue, RWBY, and Lazer Team. This podcast has covered a plethora of topics including Cicada 3301 to the Montauk Project. The structure of this podcast is relatively unbiased setting forth the story, the evidence, discourse, and finally theories.

There is an accompanying twitter page that posts related media mostly consisting of photos, videos, and other relevant information.

You can find this podcast on all mainstream podcast host and there are currently 26 episodes spanning 45 minutes to an hour in length.

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