Online vs. In Person


ABAC, like many other schools has done its best to protect its students and teachers by switching to online and hybrid classes, while also having in person classes under strict rules and regulations to protect everyone who enters the campus. A few ABAC students have shared their beliefs and fears regarding online, hybrid, and in person classes.

Brandon Trawick had trouble finding where everything for his online and hybrid classes. After becoming more familiar with online or hybrid classes he still does not feel completely comfortable using them because he feels he will miss something. He believes communication of clear due dates would help to improve online and hybrid classes. He prefers hybrid classes because it allows him to learn in person and do work online.

Lillie Parker has had no problems with her online or hybrid classes and feels very comfortable using either. She prefers online classes because they give her longer amounts of time between due dates.

Alexandria (A.C.E.) Cruz shared with us that she had trouble with communicating with some of her online instructors which caused her many problems throughout the semester. If given the choice she would choose in person over online or hybrid classes because she prefers hands-on learning. She also prefers hybrid classes over completely online classes. She believes that giving students better notice of class cancellations would help to improve online and hybrid classes.

The world around us has had to change in so many ways to protect ourselves and each other from Covid-19 and with change there can always be improvements.

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