Missing: Two Basketball Goals


ABAC has many facilities and recreational areas for students to use and enjoy, like the gym or the tennis court, but many of these areas have been altered to fit the new Covid-19 guidelines.

While the tennis courts and gyms remain open, the outdoor basketball court goals, right across from the Thrasher Wellness Center and Comer Hall, have been taken down. They have been down since around October of last year, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of them returning.

What was a source of exercise and relaxation for many students has been taken away without warning, and while it is sensible to take them down to reduce the number of people on the court, it is still disappointing that students weren’t given a say or that precautions couldn’t have been taken like they were with the other facilities.

Why couldn’t there be someone to regulate the number of people on the court at once, like every other facility on campus? Amaya Calhoun states that “it’s a shame that they had to take the goals down.” She goes on to say that she understands that they did it to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Keyshawn Barron explained to me that he and his friends walked down to the court one day and were disappointed when they saw that the goals were gone. It’s so disheartening that some students  source of relaxation was taken away without a moment’s notice.

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