Marching Bands adapt to COVID-19


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many changes have had to be made in schools to protect band students. Marching and concerts bands may be among the ones that have had to change the most.

ABAC’s concert band has taken multiple precautions to keep students safe. The concert band has limited its number of members to a 30-person capacity.

Students who play brass or wind instruments were given specialized performance masks.

“I think the masks are a great idea the way they did this, so, you know, we can still play, but then fold the thing [flap] back down,” said Courtney Hood, an ABAC band student.

Bell covers were also given to students to catch germs that could come out of the instruments. Students with instruments that use spit valves have been asked to empty their valves onto wash cloths to further protect students.

According to a music major at Tennessee Tech, many changes have also been made to protect band students there.

Students are required to wear performance masks, and brass and wind instruments are required to use bell covers. They have also taken precautions with the use of practice rooms by creating sign-up sheets that allowing practice rooms to air out at least one hour between each use.

A student at Gadsden City High School shared his experiences with the changes made to the Titan Marching Band.

Students in the Titan Band have been encouraged to practice social distancing and are required to wear masks unless they are eating and drinking.

During outside practices, students are only allowed to remove masks when they drink water or spread out safely on the practice field.

The student said, “The Gadsden City Titan Band is taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Mr. Reagan has been keeping things fun by cracking jokes.”

“Band is still fun. Music is still music to us, and we get to play new music or old music in a new way. It’s still hard to hear each other, but we still enjoy it,” said Alondra Rosa, a flute player in ABAC’s band.

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