Our Farm 2 Your Table is a government grant program that is being coordinated in four different locations. One of these coordinators is ABAC Professor Dr. Tom Grant. ABAC students have the opportunity to write articles about how COVID has affected agriculture. Dr. Grant, along with the other three coordinators, are recruiting reporters in India and the United States to write for the project. 

Our Farm 2 Your Table is “A reporting project designed to build understanding and connect farming communities in the United States and India that are all facing challenges related to COVID 19.  Dr. Grant explains that Our Farm 2 Your Table is designed to bring awareness to how our food supply has been affected by the pandemic and how we should deal with the situation. Food is our most significant resource, and we need to protect it.  The goal of the project is to “build international understanding through knowledge how food producers around the world are dealing with the pandemic.”  

Sarah Bostick, an ABAC student, wrote an article titled “Cotton Quandary” about “a South Georgian cotton farmer who faced an uncertain harvest due to tariffs in China as well as the lasting effects of COVID-19.” When asked about why she wrote about that particular topic, she stated, “I wanted to write about this subject because my dad is a cotton farmer (the one in particular that I wrote about), and I see the struggles he and all the other local farmers deal with daily.  

The program is looking for more reporters, and this is not limited to agriculture students or writing students. Writers will be paid fifty dollars per article.

Anyone interested can email Dr. Tom Grant at tgrant@abac.edu 

Visit OurFarm2YourTable.com to read the stories posted so far.  

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