“Blood, Bone, & Stone” is set to premiere at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture on September 19 at 10 A.M.

The event, presented in collaboration with ABAC’s School of Arts and Sciences, features Jack McKey, a master craftsman of Naturalistic and Native American Technology. Guests will be able to participate in the world premiere of McKey’s biographical film. ABAC’s associate professor of the School of Arts and Sciences, Thomas Grant, and a team of ABAC Journalism students produced the documentary. Jack McKey has spent a lifetime developing the skills to build tools and weapons.

The documentary was filmed over two years and features multiple interviews with McKey, his family, and colleagues. The documentary also includes footage taken by the crew while visiting locations around the American West significant to McKey’s life story. “This is a story of Jack’s obsession with creating the most perfect natural tools and weapons possible,” Grant said.

McKey’s exhibit features several hundred hand-crafted artifacts in the GMA Gallery, and guests will be able to observe after the morning premiere of the documentary. Guest will also receive a written piece diving further into the McKey’s life and work written by Billy Ray Malone and designed by Leila Baxter. Grant and members of the film crew will also hold a brief question and answer session after the premiere.

The event will enforce social distancing requirements, and the capacity is limited to 50 people. Face masks will be required. The attendance of the gallery will be limited to 10 people at a time. The admission fee is $5 per person and free to ABAC students.

The ABAC students involved include Landon Rowe, Jamie Worsley, Jessie Shiflett, Randie Sumner, Ethan Reddish, Jack Jordan, Clare Jarboe, Walter Glenn, McKenzie Lewis, Leila Baxter, Courtney Daniel, Billy Ray Malone, and Isai Vega. The film also features original music by ABAC’s Clint “Rvshvd” Johnson.

Contact Thomas Grant at tgrant@abac.edu or visit the Blood, Bone, & Stone website for more information.

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