Bainbridge: A PTK Weekend to Remember


      Among the glasses of cool water, boxes of cheesy pizzas from Uncle Bill’s, and healthy servings of Greek salad, members of the Bainbridge Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Alpha Gamma Epsilon chapter gather for the Spring 2020 business meeting and lunch. Faculty advisor Dr. LaFace, chapter president Hope Sizemore, and chapter vice-president Hannah Klock lead the group in discussions of the past actions taken by the chapter, the present goals, and the future. The topics range from community service projects, recruitment ideas, and membership benefits, and each member in attendance commits to an official elected position to facilitate the chapter’s success. These responsibilities will ensure that members understand the level of honor that comes with PTK membership and the extent of their expected participation and responsibilities.

      The hallmarks of PTK are Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship, the basis for members’ eligibility and acceptance into the international organization. Both ABAC Bainbridge and Tifton chapters, Alpha Gamma Epsilon (Bainbridge) and Omega Delta (Tifton), will join in hosting the first-ever PTK Regional conference at ABAC on March 13-14, 2020. The event will become one that all active members will not easily forget. The co-hosting of such an event has enabled a level of student collaboration between the two chapters rarely possible otherwise. The conference is truly monumental for all PTK students to have a sense of unity and connectivity.

     As co-hosts of the conference, members of the Bainbridge chapter have been working diligently in contributing their part to enhance the event.  Alpha Gamma Epsilon President Hope Sizemore has designed twenty-five clever table decorations, consisting of elements from local agriculture and flora. All members will be working together to install the arrangements and set up the games in the Tifton dining hall and other meeting places. The Bainbridge officers have organized icebreaker activities around the theme of Mind Games. The Bainbridge and Tifton PTK members will work together to set up, host, and breakdown the conference. The attendees are heading into the eventful weekend with the intent of dedicating their time to making the conference a huge success. 

     The Bainbridge PTK chapter currently consists of six members, but with the conference date looming and each member doing what required to make each part ready for the event, there is hope that the news will circulate and promote greater PTK membership and leadership. The conference work has already introduced collaborative efforts and shared experiences for both PTK chapters, and it encourages members to look for more ways to be proactive in developing ideas and plans for campus and community service projects. PTK is an international honors society, but it is also a great opportunity for members to reach out to the community,

     The 2020 PTK Georgia regional conference will take place on March 12 until March 15 at the ABAC Tifton campus.

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