Intramural bowling is right up your alley


We are into the last week of Intramural bowling with the championship on Feb. 25. The five remaining teams will be competing until we have one winner.

Two teams will play against each other 3 times and the scores from all three matches will be added up. Whoever has the highest score from the three rounds moves on.

  Each team is comprised of two males and one female, or two of each. This is in hopes that the teams are not going to be overpowered.

Only three people per game can bowl.

According to Jason Pace, the Recreational Sports Director, he believes that all the teams have a serious shot of winning the competition but he has his money (figuratively speaking) on the three top teams.

He also had high praise for Tony Bustos, who has been in bowling competition before, and Skyler Mizell, calling them both as the most consistent bowlers in the competition. These teams have been playing against each other now for 5 weeks.

It will be fun to see how some of the competitors approach this game. Pace’s reasoning for the two male one female rule is because there are a lot of the guys playing can average around the 200 point mark even if they are amateurs. If you are wanting to support your friends and classmates, make sure you are at Tift Lanes at 5 p.m.

No matter what we will know the winners for the bowling championship.

Since there are five teams, the team with the best record will take the first round. The second-place seed will take on the fifth seed, and the third and fourth seeds will play each other. If the fifth seed beats the second, they will take on the first seed. If the second seed wins, they will face the winner of the third and fourth seed game. Good luck to all the bowlers and we will see y’all there.

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