Coffee, Food and Trivia with the Pegasus


     On Feb. 12, ABAC’s literary magazine, Pegasus hosted an open mic and trivia game at Espresso 41. The event was hosted by Dr. Rachael Price and was a chance to sing, perform or do live readings of student’s pieces or writings that inspired them; they also hosted a trivia game where groups won prizes such as gift cards.

     A few students read selections and others recited verses from different religious texts. After the open-mic, they moved on to Team Trivia where teams had to answer random trivia questions with the team and the most points won gift cards to Espresso 41.

     This is the third time Pegasus has hosted the event. “Open mic nights are fun, sometimes people will get up and just read for hours,” Price said. She added, “Team Trivia brings a fun competitive edge to round out the evening. The event was also a chance to raise funds for the Pegasus who got 10 percent of the sales from Espresso 41.”

    The event was also a chance to promote the literary magazine and the opportunities it provides for students. Open mic nights bring in all kinds of poets, authors and many other creative writers. The Pegasus uses this to advertise their magazine as a platform for young writers to share their work.

     The turnout, however, for the open mic side of the event was short due to a lack of participants. This was less than the previous open mic nights held by the Pegasus and it seems the real focus was on Team Trivia.

     Despite the lower turnout, the Pegasus still plans on hosting an open mic night at least once every semester. Hopefully, the next event will bring more writers to share their work. The Pegasus also has a class at ABAC called “The Publishing Process” taught by Price where students learn the fundamentals of preparing materials for publication and gain hands-on experience with every stage of the production process. The Pegasus is also accepting submissions through Feb. 28 from any student for the magazine.

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