Ag students teach at elementary schools


     The ABAC Collegiate Young Farmers & Ranchers have always taken agriculture very seriously as they have been involved with numerous club activities and have invited many guest speakers involved in the agriculture industry. 

     The Young Farmers & Ranchers have recently been broadening the minds of children in Annie Belle Clark Elementary and Charles Spencer Elementary. “It is truly an awesome experience and it is also very humbling being able to teach these students how agriculture works and where things come from because a lot of them do not know,” said Jessica Letbetter, President of the club.

     Two club members, Sara Faulk and Jacob Tompkins, as well as three officers, President Jessica Letbetter, Vice President Blake Segars and Reporter Lindsey Moore, were able to visit the elementary schools.   While they visited the schools, they taught nearly 60 students.

     The Young Farmers began their lesson by reading a book about agriculture to the children. Usually, these books are about animals that are found on farms or crops that are grown. “We want to teach them where their food comes from and why Agriculture is so important,” said Letbetter.

     They then gave the students activities to do such as a farm-themed coloring book or making a barn with materials such as pipe cleaners, paper and popsicle sticks. The club also brings snacks for the students. The Tift County Farm Bureau allowed the Young Farmers & Ranchers to work with them on their project, “Ag in the Classroom.” The Tift County Farm Bureau also provided the club with the materials they needed for the classrooms.

     This experience allowed members of the Young Farmers & Ranchers an opportunity to engage children in agriculture and perhaps even allowed the children to gain an interest in something they did not know about before. Letbetter said, “They are really engaged and quick to ask questions if they wanted to know something, which is great.”

     Though this is their first year doing classroom visits, Young Farmer & Ranchers have enjoyed it and have already planned several other elementary school visits for the month of February.

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