Scholarships and Sweetwater Junction


     Thoughts of music and money fill the air as the ABAC Scholarship Fundraiser draws near.

     On Feb. 29, the ABAC Foundation will host a fundraiser for students at ABAC. The event will include live music, a reception, auctions and dinner. This night will be vital to ABAC students who rely on these funds to pay for college.

     Sponsors will be entertained by a band called Sweetwater Junction. This band can play music from the classics to the new hits and everything in between, including rock and country. With three vocalists and a multitude of instruments, they’ll be able to provide entertainment for the whole night. Those who come will be able to enjoy this band as they help bring in money for students.

     Tickets for the events are $125 for singles, $225 for couples, and $1500 for a table that seats eight and is reserved. To buy tickets, go to the website or call (229) 391-4859.

    If you wish to sponsor, then contact Officer Ric Stewart at or call (229) 391-5234.

     The Gold sponsorship gives away one scholarship and it costs $2,500. The Platinum sponsorship gives away two scholarships and it costs $5000. The Titanium sponsorship gives away three scholarships and it costs $7500. The Presidential sponsorship gives away four scholarships and it costs $10000. Lastly, the ABAC 1908 Circle sponsorship gives away six scholarships and it costs $15000. If you’re interested in aiding a student in their college endeavors, reach out.

      Some sponsorships have already been bought and go as follows: Tift Regional Medical Center, Colquitt Regional Medical Center and Ashley and Dean Copelan are ABAC 1908 Circle sponsorships. Sodexo, Georgia Farm Bureau, Allstate Construction, Needmore Properties and Synovus/Synovus Trust are Platinum sponsors. AgGeorgia Farm Credit, Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Adams, South Georgia Banking Company, Robert McLendon Farms, Ardry Trading Company, Dr. Joseph J. Day, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Checkers and Captain D’s, Melvin and Anita Merrill, Georgia Power, McLendon Acres, Premium Peanut, and Vivien and Austin Scott are all Gold Sponsors.

     With this fun evening, not only will people be able to partake in the spectacle that it is, but also help a student follow their dreams of college.

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