New Greenhouse opens at Woodroof Farm


     A new 3,600 square foot greenhouse is the perfect way for ABAC’s students to start this Spring semester! ABAC’s new greenhouse was declared open for business at J.G. Woodroof Farm with a ribbon-cutting event held on December 3, 2019, featuring Dr. Mark Kistler and Mark Davis. This is perfect for those students enrolled in the bachelor’s degree programs in Environmental Horticulture and Agricultural Education but will be useful for many people as well as the plant drives that ABAC holds. This greenhouse began construction in March and was finished in June 2019 and is well worth the wait. Kistler, Dean and Professor in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is excited about the new high-tech greenhouse with, “all the bells and whistles of a modern greenhouse” even featuring both heating and cooling. Kistler explains that this greenhouse is 30 feet by 120 feet and that is divided into three separate compartments with a concrete floor, central drainage and an irrigation system. This is a major improvement from the older greenhouse, which although it is nice, only has two compartments, heating and dirt floors.

     Kistler stated in a press release that he would like to thank the Georgia Department of Education, which funded most of the greenhouse construction with a $150,000 grant as well as Atlas Greenhouse, Barber Construction Company and the hard work of the ABAC administration. Without the help and hard work from these organizations, it would be impossible for ABAC to benefit from such a tremendous opportunity.

     Any student who wishes to work in industries pertaining to greenhouses will find this newer greenhouse perfect for learning the ropes with the latest and greatest technology. Kister also explains that this greenhouse, typically intended to be used by those in the AGED programs, will be a huge step forward for the students in Agricultural Education and Environmental Horticulture Programs and will even be used for undergraduate research projects.

     This greenhouse is a fantastic opportunity for all students, even if they are not in the AGED programs because of the beauty and educational advantages that it will bring ABAC.

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