The GSA has big plans this semester after last semester’s hay bale incident, the GSA wants to do its best to keep ABAC a safe place for LGBT students.

     President of the GSA, Alex Griffin, stated, “After last semester we have difficulty feeling protected by ABAC’s administration, we want to move forward because we have to represent the LGBT community and try to make sure this doesn’t happen to another student, whether they are in our club or not.” To help prevent any further incidents, the GSA plans on holding an “Is it free speech or hate speech” event.

     They also plan on selling “Be the rainbow sheep in the family” t-shirts to show community and support for the GSA.

      The GSA also plans on hosting many other events throughout the semester, such as “Ask an LGBT person Discussion Panel” where students can ask LGBT students about their experiences and learn more about the community. They also plan on holding a “Trans Day of Visibility Walk” to show that the GSA won’t cower to hate and will be louder than ever this semester to support its community. They will be hosting events like a Women’s Day bake sale, Valentine’s Day speed friending, a Day of Silence walk and “hopefully,” as Griffin put it, an LGBT prom.

      The GSA will continue to have its normal events including its monthly GSA movie nights and will still have meetings every other Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in King 118.

     Last semester they showed movies like, “But I’m A Cheerleader,” “RENT,” “Alex Strangelove,” and on Halloween day they showed the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” They will be inviting guest speakers to the club such as Dr. Medley who will speak about LGBT and religion. They will also have a hot chocolate sale if weather permits.

     The GSA will not stop supporting and representing the LGBT students here at ABAC and, despite tragedy, will remain optimistic for the new semester. “We welcome the new year with positivity and hope to be met with better prospects and more support than ever,” Griffin stated. The GSA will have its first meeting on Jan. 15 in King Hall at 5:30 PM in room 118.

     You can follow GSA on Facebook at ABAC Gay-Straight Alliance and both Twitter and Instagram at @AbacGsa.

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