Myles Garret unravels the franchise in disarray


     The Clevland Browns had possibly their biggest win of the season on Nov. 14, during Thursday Night Football in a huge rivalry game in the American Football Conference (AFC) North against the Pittsburg Steelers.

     Despite running away with a huge victory, nobody has talked about the Browns winning this game. Everyone can’t stop talking about the stunt by Myles Garret in the fourth quarter when he ripped the helmet off quarterback Mason Rudolph and struck him in the head with the helmet.

    The integrity of the entire game was challenged by this stunt from Garret. This is a gentlemen’s game and at this level, there are huge expectations for the professionals in the 32 NFL franchises. No matter what happens, this type of thing should never happen at an NFL game.

     Garret has shined a light on how unraveled this franchise has become. First, the starting quarterback spent the offseason performing in over 70 commercials while other quarterbacks like Russel Wilson spent that time in the weight room and practice fields.

     Unless you are just a crazy obsessed fan, you must wake up and smell the coffee. This team has no leadership or direction, but they somehow can keep pulling off wins.

     Despite the Browns being a winning team that has a shot at a strong playoff run, the team has not developed professionally. As a key defensive player, Garret has a history of violence on and off the field. The coaching staff has shown little regard for hiring quality players, and as a result, it shows on their field with antics like this fight.

     Garret isn’t the only offender on the field that day. After Rudolph was hit by the helmet, Larry Ogunjobi delivered a tackle from the backfield long after the whistle had been blown. This type of behavior is disturbing to see on a professional platform.

     Millions of people watch these athletes play and many young athletes look up to them. I hope seeing this type of behavior does not send a message to the young football players of tomorrow that this is appropriate and acceptable.

     Garret has been suspended indefinitely and I hope to never see him return to the field. He has since apologized and stated his regret but that is not enough. At some point, you get far enough in your career that you can’t keep depending on second chances.

      Garret needs to own up to these actions and accept the fact that he has no place on the playing field with professional football players.

      Rudolph is not entirely innocent, and many feel he is as responsible for the fight as Garret. Maybe Rudolph started and ignited the fight, but that never gives another play the right to make the decision Garret did.

      I am happy with the NFL’s response to this matter. If the league wants to be taken seriously again and redeem their reputation, they need to continue making examples out of players that step out of line, as Garret did for his last NFL appearance.

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