I’m not suicidal: the Epstein cover-up


     It’s been a little over two months since Jeffery Epstein’s death. His death was, to anybody with knowledge about him, not a surprise. When Epstein was arrested in July, people began speculating that he would die, with remarks like “So we all agree Jeffrey Epstein is going to kill himself, right?” From the moment he was arrested, people were saying he would die and it would be ruled as “suicide.” And, sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Now with Epstein dead, the investigation into his sex crimes, and investigation into many of his wealthy and influential friends, who were also involved, has ended.

     In the immediate aftermath, the Internet came alive with people from both sides of the political spectrum speculating who killed him. Some believed it was the Clintons, others Trump and others the Royal Family. However, the key takeaway is this: nobody believes Epstein killed himself. However, after a few weeks, things eventually subsided. People still talked about it, most still not buying the official story, but life went on, and Epstein’s name faded from the headlines.

     Then, two weeks ago, two bombshells came out that reignited the story. First, the medical professional hired by the Epstein family to study the body reported that the marks on Epstein’s neck were more consistent with strangling instead of hanging, something that had been hinted at in earlier medical examinations, and was of no real surprise to anyone.

     However, the real bombshell came from James O’Keefe’s journalist group Project Veritas, who released video footage of ABC anchor Amy Robach stating that ABC had a story on Epstein back in 2016, only to bury it instead. In the aftermath, an official statement given by ABC stated that the story did not have enough evidence for their journalistic “standards.” If this wasn’t about the biggest scandal in decades, maybe even the century, I’d say that excuse was the funniest joke I’d heard.

      Let’s go through what has passed ABC’s “standards” as of late. Roughly a month ago, ABC aired a story on the conflict in Syria but used cropped footage of explosions from a Kentucky gun range. Last time I checked, that’s called fake news. And let’s not forget Brett Kavanaugh, who was scrutinized by the entire media on what amounted to hear-say and 40-year-old accusations, and was cleared by the FBI. All of this was up to their journalistic “standards.”

      This excuse that the Epstein story was squashed because of “standards” is laughable. Instead, look at Robach’s own words. On the tape, she said that the Royal Palace had pressured ABC to keep the story quiet, as Prince Andrew was an associate of Epstein accused of being in on the abuse. According to Robach, this pressure, as well as the fear that they wouldn’t be allowed to interview Prince William and Kate Middleton, was part of the reason for ABC squashing the story.

       Something else that comes to mind is the date. The footage released by Veritas was from earlier this year, after Epstein’s suicide. According to Robach, they had this story three years ago, 2016. What else was going on at that time? The US Election between Trump and Clinton. Also worthy of note is who, besides Epstein and Prince Andrew, Robach says they had dirt on: Clinton. She doesn’t specify which one, but most likely Bill, as he was a known associate of Epstein and regularly took trips to Epstein’s island. Imagine how much damage that info would have caused Hillary’s campaign, had it been released.

      Also worthy of note is that she never mentions Trump. Given the antagonistic relationship between Trump and the press, had they had any damning evidence against Trump, one would think Robach would mention it. To be fair, the main source in Robach’s story was Virginia Roberts, only one woman. There may be evidence against Trump, and Robach simply didn’t have it. Many more powerful individuals visited Epstein’s island that Roberts probably never encountered.

      However, the scandal didn’t end with the leak. Not long after the Project Veritas leak, Ashley Bianco was fired from her position at CBS. Why? Bianco had previously worked for ABC, and ABC, believing her to be the source of the leak, contacted CBS, resulting in her firing. The fact that ABC tried to punish someone who leaked such important information, not to mention the fact that they worked with another news network to do so should send a chilling message: the news media would rather cover for the corrupt establishment and will punish anyone who tries to hold them to account.

     But wait, there’s more! Not only did they fire someone over this, but they also fired the wrong person. According to Bianco, she is not the whistleblower, who she says is still inside ABC. So not only are the news media corrupt, they’re incompetent as ever.

      Don’t forget Epstein. The establishment wants you to forget about this so they can keep doing this. They want us to go back to our everyday lives, to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of business as usual so that we won’t learn the truth and hold them accountable. Epstein was only one monster among many, one piece of a horrific puzzle. For all their biases, Project Veritas has done a public service by releasing this. I only hope James O’Keefe doesn’t end up committing “suicide” for his service.

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