Housing cracks down on unauthorized animals


      Moving off to college can force some students to leave their pets behind, while others try to bring them along. Students who own horses are provided with the ABAC stables and pastures. Students are allowed to keep pets such as fish and amphibians in their rooms, as well as larger animals like dogs or even ferrets if they are licensed service animals. Any pets or service animals that will be living in the dorms must be approved by housing. Some people may have noticed more pets out and about on campus this semester.

     Housing stated, per an email sent out earlier in the month, that several of the pets on campus were not approved, and surprise room checks would be implemented to solve the issue. “If you are found to have an unauthorized animal, you will be charged the pet policy violation fee of $150 and your animal may be removed from campus by the Humane Society,” the e-mail stated.

     In an interview on the issue, Corey Langston, Assistant Director of Resident Life, said, “I just want them to know we aren’t against them having animals, you just have to go through the proper route.”

     Madelyn Hafer spoke about her experience getting her nine-month-old German short hair, Ellie, approved. “We take her out every three hours. She’s quiet. She watches TV, so we turn the TV on when we leave. She only really barks when we leave the window open.” She described the process itself as “pretty difficult” and was denied at first. It was during the first step that she was denied, as her initial doctor’s note did not prove “academic impact.”

     Getting emotional support animals requires several steps. First, students must provide documentation for their condition to Student Development, who then sends it to the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia Southern, where it is then determined if students are eligible. If they are approved, they must then complete the approval with Student Development and Housing.

     For any students wanting to get their pets approved, the form can be found on the Residence Life and Housing page of the ABAC website. You can also email your questions to housing@abac.edu.

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