Food doesn’t grow in rows by itself


     While farmers provide food production and a backbone to the United States and countries everywhere, they continue to be looked down on by thousands of people. Many people view farmers and other workers in the industry as uneducated and ignorant to the world around them.

     However, this is not the case, as farmers have to be educated enough to know how to use and fix the equipment they work with. Farmers also have to pay close attention to the logistics of their production and the effects the weather and climate have on it. Due to these facts, the idea that farmers are uneducated is misguided.

     Many cite farmers as ignorant because they are unaware of the harmful effects their procedures in food production have on the consumers. Farmers use genetically modified crops so that they can produce higher quantities of quality products. A majority of people are scared of consuming these products due to a belief that it will harm them. However, most of these claims are pure speculation, as there is no sufficient evidence that these modifications have any negative effects on humans.

     Farmers also work hard to provide food to a massive population of people. According to the American Farm Bureau, a single farm feeds upwards of two hundred people and that number is steadily rising. Many farmers also serve in the military or go to school while working on the farm. They spend countless hours in the heat trying to make money and put food on everybody’s plate. Additionally, they have to put all this work in while dealing with the stigma of what they do. Farmers don’t make nearly half the money that the companies they work with do.

     The stigma that surrounds farmers is mostly undeserved. As people that provide for others and work hard for little pay, farmers deserve some slack. It should be advised that people do their research and put themselves in that position before speaking on the issue.

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