ABAC’s Horticulture Club continues to grow


     The Horticulture Club provides an in-depth perception and hands-on experience with the life of horticulture. One of the main goals of the Horticulture Club is to get people involved in the industry and to spread knowledge and awareness about the importance of plant life. The Horticulture Club continues to grow as it reaches 25 members, but it is hoping to gain more. The club’s goal is to educate others on how plants work. They focus on how to grow plants as well as how to maintain them.

     The club is attempting to branch out by planning trips that allow for more hands-on experience. One of the trips they have currently planned is a trip to Orlando. There they will get a behind the scenes look at Disney’s horticulture.

     The Horticulture Club stays active on ABAC’s campus as it often hosts events. One event in particular, which the club hosts every year and others look forward to, is the Hay Bale Decorating Contest.

     The contest allows different clubs to purchase and decorate a hay bale. This gives clubs an opportunity to showcase their club to potential ABAC students during events such as Stallion Day. The club with the best hay bale design wins a cash award.  The deadline for clubs to enter is Oct. 25.

     The club officer team includes President Johnathon Strickland; Vice President Macie Wheeler; Secretary Emily Matus; Treasurer Haley Spiess; Reporter Jessica Cassida; Junior Reporter Kayla Ming and ICC Rep Sydney Moss. The club advisor is Frank Flanders. 

     Meetings are every other Monday in Horticulture 126 at 6 p.m. Students with an interest in plants or horticulture are encouraged to join.

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