Students blended parts of Latino and Hispanic cultures on the stage in the meadows at ABAC while dancing the Bachata. While students and faculty gathered to celebrate the different cultures that ABAC hosts, the audience was entertained by the Latin dance team and their version of the Bachata.

     One of the dancers said that while the dance has Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, the music that they chose to dance to was from Hispanic origins and so it is a blending of two sides of the same culture. One dancer said that she feels like when she is dancing, she swirls two cultures that she loves dearly together.

     Dr. Rachel Price said that she was excited to see parts of a culture that she had experienced but never been brought into to its full extent. Another dancer said that she loved being a part of the dance team because she gets to show her heritage and blend her heritage with others at ABAC. While the Hispanic Heritage Week is meant to let the Hispanic and Latino community share their culture with the ABAC campus, it also gives them a chance to show the pride that they have as a culture and a community.

     Along with dancing, the program included traditional food and a speaker from Hispanic heritage who is currently a doctor doing her residency. She gave the students encouragement and told them that no matter what their background, they could succeed if they put their mind to it.

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