‘Cuz I Love You’: A soulful love song


     April 2019, was the first album I had ever heard from her. Despite not knowing any of her music besides the number one Billboard hit “Truth Hurts,” I was extremely impressed, surprised even. Almost all of the 11 tracks had different sounds that fit a wide variety of music tastes.

     The first song, “Cuz I Love You” showcases a soulful, powerful, raspy singing voice, rather than the sassy, high-energy rapping voice that we are so used to hearing. The song is about her finally feeling love for another person and how she has never experienced it before. The lyrics, “I thought I was love-impaired” stuck out to me because it is her coming to the realization that her idea of love has transformed.

    “Exactly How I Feel,” “Soulmate” and “Juice” all promote self-empowerment, self-love and all express the idea of being carefree. Lizzo even used very successful women as examples to highlight woman empowerment as well. “Soulmate” is one of my favorite songs because of its fun, upbeat vibe and the lyrics. Both “Soulmate” and “Exactly How I Feel” are the types of songs that will make me feel better about myself when I am down or feeling insecure.

     A few of the slower songs on the album gave me Prince and Erykah Badu vibes, which presents one of the many concepts of sound in this album. I preferred “Jerome” in this category of slow songs because of its message of ending a bad relationship. Lizzo is very witty in her lyrics but pulls so much emotion from them.

     Lizzo tackles racism and colorism in “Better in Color.” “Tempo,” featuring Missy Elliott, is a curvy woman empowerment song that can be easily compared to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” There aren’t many songs of this kind today, and I feel as if it was desperately needed. “Heaven Help Me” is a gospel sounding song, as one could tell by the title, and she emphasizes that she doesn’t need anyone but herself. It slightly conflicts with the song “Cuz I Love You,” but it doesn’t take away from the central meaning of the song.

     If I were to give this album a grade, it would be a solid 90. While the music itself wasn’t my taste in a few songs, I agree entirely with every meaning. I was also somewhat upset at the fact that some songs were a little short, but that was because I didn’t want it to end. I honestly had fun listening to this album and would listen to it 10 more times

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