Students of Latina cultures held each other’s hips and swung one another and showed the essence of romance through dance to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. Members of the Cultural Latina Club practiced different Latina dances for consecutive days leading up to the celebration.

     ABAC freshman Bryan Ruelas said, “Dancing is a fun way to connect with our culture. Whenever there is a celebration, we dance. It feels natural to share it.” The different styles of Latina dancing that were showcased were bachata, cumbia and huapangos. For engineering major Jakob Badillo the cumbia is his favorite. He enjoys how the dance revolves around a circle, so everything comes back together.

      The Cultural Latina Club has around twenty members and around half of the members were showcased in the celebration through dancing. The students learned the dances from other members of the group, allowing them to share with their friends the traditions they have learned through their families and backgrounds.

      Ruelas and Badillo emphasized that no matter where you are from, you are welcome to learn more and join in on the celebration. Sharing their heritage is just one of the benefits of celebrating Hispanic heritage month.

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