Many of the Hispanic national flags tell a story about each country’s independence. Students celebrated their nations’ pride at ABAC’s annual National Hispanic Heritage Month held in the meadows. Students and faculty gather in the meadows to celebrate the different cultures that represent ABAC’s community. Tents are set up in the meadows, so students can eat authentic food, watch people perform and learn about the different cultures we have here.

     Dr. Medley stated that “I’m glad we get to be a part of this experience because not only do we get to learn about different cultures, but we also get to enjoy it with our friends and family and eat delicious food as well.” At the beginning of the event, the announcer introduced several different countries represented by their flags. Students walked on the stage holding their flag proudly. Each flag not only represented a county but the families that were raised and who made their life there.

     Each flag told a story about how the country became independent, and how the colonies of Spain and Portugal separated to become independent countries. To end the speech for the countries, students and faculty stood up and said the national anthem. This was a way to end the speech and bring everyone together regardless of their culture.

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