AGR hosts cookout recruitment dinner for students


     “Ag’s where it’s at, so that’s where we’re at,” said Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) advisor, Chris Earls. AGR is a fraternity that bases its values on hard work, brotherhood and education. Thursday, Oct. 3, AGR held a cookout at the Lakeside Pavilion. AGR decided to hold a cookout rather than traditional means of recruitment. Earls said, “we had some food that was leftover from a fundraiser and we decided to feed some people.” Earls also said that the tractor pulls being held at the same time as the cookout was a big factor in his decision.

     “The fraternity believes in making better men and, through that, creating better and broader agriculture,” Earls said, “We plan to do this by hosting events for recruiting students and being as involved in the ag community as possible and try to educate the general public on ag awareness.” He went on to say that anyone that enjoys agriculture should try out for the recruitment process. “The majority of the guys here grew up in agriculture and are headed back to the farm themselves. I have a bunch of boys that go to work after school,” Earls said.

     Some members of the fraternity have already gotten a head start in the workforce by working with agriculture inside at the research center at the University of Georgia’s Tifton campus. When asked whether the cookout was specifically for recruiting new members into the fraternity, Earls said inquiring students were encouraged to try out for the fraternity. In fact, AGR can recruit students at any time of the year. Earls encourages students to swing by an AGR event to decide whether or not they would like to be recruited. He says the turnout for AGR is usually pretty high.

     For anyone wanting to join, AGR has a monthly fee that fluctuates depending on the events the fraternity is planning for that month. AGR emphasizes the importance of educating people on agriculture and how the food that is produced by the farmers, local or otherwise, is actually safer than what people have come to know. AGR is a fraternity that hard-working, ag-oriented men might want to consider. If interested, contact Chris Earls ar

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